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Storytelling the way a story should be told

Pixelform prides itself on being a cross platform media content producer, creating high quality, original, creative story telling content.


This means we create media for clients over a single platform or multiple ones. Anything audio visual we can help you with.

What We Do

Pixelform Studios - Film Production, London, Kent

Film Production

Whatever your film production needs, Pixelform can help you. We can manage the full film production process from initial concept building through to post production.

This makes us a one stop shop for filmmaking so you only have to talk to us and not several different companies on each project.

We can just do a section of the film production process, for example if you have filmed content but cannot edit we can handle all the post production works for you.

Or we can just help you film in a professional manor if you can edit.

Whatever your need we will work to suit them.

Pixelform Studios - Photography, London, Kent


Pixelform can offer still photography services in a number of different sectors.

Anything from annual Headshot, through to a website rebrand, corporate annual report to event coverage and social media content.

Pixelform Studios - Aerial photography / filming, London, Kent

Aerial photography / filming

Need a birds eye view on things? In need of a high angle shot but do not want to hire a helicopter.

Pixelform work closely with a drone company so if you require hign angle shots we can help. Ideal for roofers, estate agents, and filmmakers

Pixelform Studios - Radio Production, London, Kent

Radio Production

Radio is still alive and kicking, here at Pixelform we produce audio content for clients that are audio based.

We produce a regular podcast called Clapperboard Chatter, a new TV & Film review and gossip radio show, commenting on the last trailers and what's on at the moment.

We can create radio adverts, jingles, soundbites & documentaries to support any materials you currently have.

Pixelform Studios - Photography, London, Kent

Social Media Content

Have social media accounts but don’t have the content you want to post about? We can help.

Being a cross platform content producers, means we can create you a portfolio of content that you can use on your social media sites, website advertising material or all of the above.

Be it photo - short video clips - audio bites or animations Pixelform can really help you stand out from the crowd.

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